Future. Fashion.

A guide to forward-looking responsible economic thinking in the fashion industry.

As consultants and communications experts, we have been exploring with the subject of sustainability in the fashion industry for many years now. But, to be honest, we were becoming bored by it. It was time to take a fresh look at the subject, to consider it from different perspectives and look at it from a different angle. And so the request from the Deutscher Fachverlag publishing house, inviting us to write a CSR management handbook for their textile series, couldn’t have come at a better time. We presented the publishing house with our concept for a guide to future-oriented, responsible economic thinking in the fashion industry – and were able to convince them right away.


We combined our thirst for innovation with new ways of thinking and painted a future-orientated picture of the fashion and textile industry. Based on scenarios, best-practice examples, dossiers and interviews with experts, we highlighted current developments and gave recommendations for a successful, responsible approach – all with the goal of reinterpreting the concept of sustainability.


Future. Fashion. Economics. was launched at the Munich Fabric Start in September 2016. We received a lot of positive feedback and are pleased that we were able to give readers from the most diverse sectors of the textile and fashion industry their first, or new, insights into the topic. We would like to extend our gratitude to the Deutscher Fachverlag for believing in us. The temptation to write a second book is there, but we’ll just have to wait and see if, or when, we’ll be able to find the time for it in our busy professional lives…



Future. Fashion. Economics.

A guide to future-oriented, responsible economic thinking in the fashion industry


1st edition, August 2016, 208 pages

German / English, bound


Published by Deutscher Fachverlag

ISBN 978-3-86641-316-0





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